rocky raccoon

Rocky the Respectful Raccoon and His Red Sunglasses

“We all have things that make us different from each other,” said Carmen the Cardinal. She had been embarrassed because her song was not as beautiful as the other birds. She just said “Tweet! Tweet!” Now she realized that her song made her special. She wasn’t like the other birds and that was ok. She was thankful for that.

Spike the Squirrel said, “Look at my notched -ear. I would try to hide it under hats. Then mom and dad told me that I should be proud. I was the only notched-eared squirrel in the Old Oak Woods.”

Uncle Feathers always said, “We should do our best to treat each other in a respectful way each day. Never make fun or say unkind words to anyone.”

rocky raccoon his caring classmates

Rocky Raccoon and His Caring Classmates

Rocky Raccoon, the main character, is a friend and caring classmate that heads up a Cookie Swap at Holly Elementary School with the help of the Principal, Mary Day, faculty and parents. Readers will learn valuable lessons through this story while being entertained. 

The setting for this story is in the Old Oak Woods during the winter Holidays. The students bake cookies for the cookie swap and take them to the shut-ins in the Green Leaf Hospital. This story teaches caring and being kind to others. Parents will enjoy reading to their children and to grandchildren of young ages.

rocky and his responsible band of cowboys

Rocky Raccoon and His Responsible Band of Cowboys

Deals with one of the character traits taught in the elementary school where I worked with autistic students. Rocky Raccoon is the main character and a friend and leader that helps his friends living in the Old Oak Woods make the right decisions. Spike the split-eared Squirrel, Tommie the Turtle, Ollie the Owl and others are just a few of the animals in the story.

Readers will learn valuable lessons through these stories while being entertained. The setting for these story is the Old Oak Woods during Halloween. Each story has characters facing dilemmas that end on a positive note. Parents will enjoy reading to and with their children and grandchildren from an early age and beyond.

rocky raccoon

Rocky Raccoon and His Raiders Vs. the Prowlers

Rocky and his team of Raiders are playing their last basketball game of the Spring season against the Prowlers. This story deals with the character trait ‘Fairness’. 

Even though the Prowlers are  bigger than the Raiders, the Raiders coach instills in his players, playing by the rules and playing fair. A very good lesson is learned during the game. Parents will enjoy reading to their children and grandchildren.